UniversalClinical Technologies


What We Do!

UniversalClinical Technologies works with healthcare providers for the design, implementation, integration and deployment of critical Health Care ICT solutions. Our professional services team brings a unique blend of clinical and technical expertise with a deep understanding of clinical applications and workflow which is crucial to developing the clinical solutions.

We help our customers efficiently integrate clinical and business applications, streamlining workflows and reduce overall solution costs, while improving the overall quality of patient care. With the goal of delivering best-of-breed technology solutions that not only fit the business needs but also the needs of the patients.

Data Migration Services

UniversalClinical Technologies uses the latest migration tools which are continually enhanced and designed to be robust and flexible to meet the individual and sometimes challenging needs of our customers.

Data Cleansing Services

Preforming a DICOM data migration gives an organization an opportunity for a “Redo”.  Do you have outdated legacy information, or misidentified data from a time manually entering patient and study data was the norm?    You have never had the time, money or resources to go back and clean up those records?  Our data cleansing services can help clean up your legacy data today!  A DICOM migration is the perfect time to clean up the outdated mess left behind by old systems.   Our goal is to make your legacy data look like it belongs in your new system!

Project Management

Project Management is often misunderstood and undervalued. We find in the medical world most projects are not managed appropriately and implemented poorly with governance, resources and technical issues being vital.

Professional Services

Today, many vendors focus on centralizing “Islands of Data” on client server architecture. UniversalClinical Technologies can work to bring together these islands of data from the past and provide a future strategy.